Shifty Business (Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy, #3) - Olivia Hardin Shifty Business is the third book in the Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy. Witch Way Bends begins the story with Devan Stowe who is learning who and what she is, read my review here. Bitten Shame(book 2) begins where book 1 left off and gives us insight into Jill Prescott's (Devan's best friend- turned vampire) background and how she became a vampire. Read my review here.

Shifty Business takes us on a journey (back in book 1 timeline but a side jaunt) to learn more about Gerry and Nicky. Gerry is a shape-shifting witch while her partner, Nicky is a dhampir. They have both been in previous books and their relationship was a little obscure. I was deeply surprised to find out that they were secretly married earlier ! Talk about keeping secrets!! A dhampir ( 1/2 human & 1/2 vampire) is pretty much the low rung in the paranormal ladder and Nicky felt it was better for Gerry to keep their marriage a secret.

After being given a mysterious silver box by a little girl, Gerry is plagued by mental attacks and puts herself into a coma-like state in order to survive. Nicky must not only get them somewhere safe and hide the slver box, but he must also figure out how to get Gerry to wake up again. Enter : old voodoo woman. Oh my, just when I think Olivia can't outdo herself, she does it again. I absolutely LOVED the scenes with the voodoo woman. She reminded me vaguely of my grandma (only minus the voodoo, ha). Eventually, with the help of Langston & voodoo lady, Nicky is able to awaken Gerry and they must go forward to fight not only the Org but The Company (who they 'work' for). Shifty Business is once again better than I expected. Olivia Hardin continues to outdo herself.

Each book in the trilogy could be read alone but they also compliment each other so well! One thing that relieved me to learn - while Trilogy = 3, the series will not end with this book. Olivia has more in store for us.. which is a good thing because otherwise I'd be hounding and endlessly stalking her until she gave me MORE!! Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next hit in the series comes in the form of Roon because I'm just a tiny bit in love with him right now.

*Disclosure- I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. This review originally appeared on Reviewing in Chaos