The Posse - Tawdra Kandle The Posse is about a widow named Jude. It's been a year since her husband's passing and "The Posse" has decided that they need to step in and take care of her. Heaven forbid she fall in love and move away from them. The Posse is a group of guys who have been friends since grade school. They are more than friends, they are family. Daniel, Jude's late husband, was a member of The Posse. Although they all mourn his death, the reality that they could lose another of their group (should Jude move away) is frightening. They come up with the plan that the three single members of the group should step up and woo her. Surely one of them can win her heart and they will all be content to have kept her there with them all forever.

I'm not used to reading romance with the main characters being in their 40's. Yes, I am in my mid 30's but I still think I'm in my 20's most time. So I wondered if I would like it of if I would have the 'ick' factor by still irrationally thinking of my parent's age. I'm glad to report- no ick factor! Tawdra has created characters that drew me in and touched my heart. I felt like I knew who Jude would end up with rather quickly in the book, as Tawdra left little clues here and there. It was amusing to watch each man step up and make their play for her. Some were awkward, some were just funny as heck and one... One was enough to make anyone fall in love again.

The Posse is a close knit family and I loved them all! I loved how each of the men seems set up with a partner by the end of the book. There were some surprises that that threw Jude (and me) for a loop. Her family went thru more stress in the past two years, I couldn't help but want to cry with her when more is piled on top.

This was a remarkable romance with just the right twists and turns. It was refreshing to go thru falling in love all over again. With seamless writing, a nice paced plot and characters you will love, The Posse is highly recommended !