The Coven: Fire and Ice - Verdell Walker Let's just start off by saying I've read this book twice already. Enough said, right? This is one of those books , for me, that I want to sit everyone I know down and force them to read it because I know they are going to love it. Plus, Kat isn't a witch.. It's a change to have the main female character be 'normal' (okay, there is the twilight series but I'm talking witches here).
In her effort to reform herself from the Queen Bee of her old clique, Kat finds herself across the country in a town where she has become the protector instead of the bully. It's amazing watching her transformation and feeling her real remorse over how she was before. She is definitely a changed girl.

I absolutely fell in love with Blaze, not only is he the hot jock from school.. he also has these amazing abilities and the responsibility of being the son of the First. A prince like figure of their kind. When Kat first meets him, she thinks he's just another popular jock figure until she uncovers all that there is to him. In her quest for redemption, she helps him also become a better person when she sees him act a bit like her old clique.

The romance between the two is endearing. The closeness of the Brotherhood (a group of teenage boys/warlocks tasked with fighting the Dark ones and defending everyone from Seth) is refreshing to see. In school they are normal teenage boys, but at night they seem to mature & work together as a great team.

I was thoroughly pleased with The Coven and personally can't wait to get my hands on more of the series! I hope you'll give it a chance, I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed !