Bitten Shame - Olivia Hardin (This review originally appeared on Reviewing in Chaos

I adored Witch Way Bends (Book 1 in the Bend-Bite-Shift trilogy) and I always worry a little that the rest of the trilogy just won't match up quite as well. As much as I liked the first one, I love the second book (Bitten Shame) even more!! I will warn you that this book jumps back and forth from the present and the past- something that normally I can't handle. I get bored/distracted and boom I'm gone.. I don't have the attention span to follow two story lines at the same time. This time was definitely the exception because somehow Olivia got it just right. In fact, I loved this book so much that I finished it in the time my youngest was at preschool! Talk about absorbed in a book! lol!

Bitten Shame continues where Witch Way Bends left off only we are now following Jill (Devan's vampire friend). We finally learn more background into how Jill became a vampire and why she is how she is now. Reliving her love story with Doc is consuming and emotional. Without giving away the best parts I leave you with this: "All of it fits". I definitely recommend this series and can't wait for Book 3 to come out (Dec2012)!!