Forever Hers - E.B. Walters, Ednah Walters I'm almost embarrassed to say that I have never read anything by E.B. Walters before. Boy, was I missing out! Forever Hers is Book #5 in the Fitzgerald series but it works great as a stand alone book! The characters from the other books are referred to and a bit of their story is out there tempting enough that I need to go out and get the first 4 books :)

E.B. Walters writes a nice strong character in Amy. I was thrilled to see how gutsy she was and how she was willing to do anything to protect her daughter. Amy is on the run with her almost-5-year-old daughter from a dangerous ex-husband. While in most cases the tales of abuse would have been enough, Amy's ex is a cop and manages to make her look unstable and delusional to even her own parents. She is then taught one major lesson- cops can no longer be trusted. So Amy is forced to flee with her daughter and assume a new identity.

Eddie is on leave from the LAPD and is conned by a match making family member to spend his leave at his cousin's lake house. He shows up and is met with a gun at the door courtesy of Amy - the new housekeeper. While things might not have gotten off on the right foot, they both realize that they need to learn to live together. Eddie detests authors every since his own mother left his family when he was young to pursue her career as a famous author. Finding out that Amy is an author is a bitter pill to swallow. Still, Raelynn's (Amy's daughter) reaction to men and some of Amy's haunted looks sends Eddie on a hunt to find out what is really going on with this mother & daughter. Despite their individual hangups with the other's profession, Amy and Eddie grow close as the threat of her ex-husband looms closer.

This was a twisting and turning thrilling story! The story line caught me immediately, between Eddie's connection with Raelynn and the steam between Eddie and Amy... I had a hard time putting it down! I definitely recommend this one !!

*Disclosure- I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review *