Forbidden Forest - Tenaya Jayne Let me start by saying that I was surprised by how wonderful this book was. The back blurb doesn't do it justice! I am going to be spending several sad months waiting for Book 2 to come out :( I only wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

Forbidden Forest begins on Earth where Forest (Shape Shifter/Elf halfling) is guarding a portal from Regia making sure only those allowed pass thru. Fairly quickly we are introduced to the reason Forest loathes vampires - Leith, a vampire noble who placed a slave mark on her- forcing her to obey him. There isn't a ton of back story on Leith & Forest initially and I felt a tad bit lost. This was cleared up more over time, but I fumbled a little initially.

Once Forest was called back to her native world (Regia) for a mission, I fell deeply into the story. Forest is tasked with escorting the blind vampire prince , Syrus, to a wizard who can restore his sight. Despite her animosity towards all vampires, Forest finds herself pulled by a deep attraction to Syrus. Syrus is intrigued and frustrated that he cannot see her face and does not understand her anger towards his race. They must travel together , while each keeping their own secrets and try to get thru it all alive. With Ogres, Vampires, Shape Shifters, Elves and Werewolves all ready to start war, Regia is a hostile environment. Despite it all, Forest and Syrus seem to keep forgetting that they are in a war zone and are involved with only each other. I absolutely loved the bantering between the two of them! Forbidden Forest is definitely fast paced with some twists and turns to keep you hopping. Just when you think you know the ending, it's continued into book 2 (not out until Summer 2013 -- *crying*).

Tenaya did a wonderful job not only with developing great characters that you fall in love with, but with describing Regia in such a way that I could see it easily in my mind. I am more than a bit distraught that I have to wait MONTHS until I can find out what happens..

*Disclaimer- I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest interview.