Seeds of Discovery - Breeana Puttroff YA is quickly becoming my favorite genre.. It's books like these that have deepened my love for it.

Seeds of Discovery surprised me by how quickly it pulled me in and held me fast! It's a quick ride on a rollercoaster- hold on because once you start the series, you won't be able to stop until you have read it all !

Quinn is a typical teenage girl- one that anyone can relate to. Just as she starts dating Zander, a boy she's known all her life, she finds herself with an unquenchable curiosity about William Rose. William has always been quiet and withdrawn. Yet now that Quinn has taken notice of him, she can't seem to quit following him, almost stalking him, trying to find out his secret.. And BOY does she! Becoming just a little too nosy (curiosity did kill the cat, after all ) she tumbles thru a gate and ends up in a different world entirely.

Forced to spend 10days in Williams world, Quinn quickly falls in love with his friends and family. It's like being in a fairy tale. Everyone treats her with love and kindness despite not knowing her at all. It's very fishy to me. Who does that? What does everyone know that we don't??

The story moves along at a nice pace with so much happening. Quinn returns to her own world and is now torn between her friends and family here, and Williams family that she met so briefly yet felt instantly close to.

I could not put it down. I am always impressed when new authors can capture an audience like Breeana did! I immediately finished Seeds of Discovery and cracked open Roots of Insight (book 2) to find out what happened next.. Amazingly, the minute ROI was done, I clicked on the link in the back of the book and instantly went and purchased Thorns of Decision (book 3). Oh the cliffhangers that Breeana leaves us with! It's almost cruel and unusual punishment! I think each book in the series gets better and better, although that doesn't seem possible! Alas, I have no more amazon gift card left and so sadly, I was left hanging at the end of TOD.. Unable to read Blooms of Consequence (book 4- the final book), I will be left to sit here and re-read the first three..

5++ Stars- worthy of buying in print copy to keep and enjoy more !:)
*Note- this review originally appeared on my blog. I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review. *