Open Heart - Emlyn Chand While it took me a little while to get into Farsighted, I was pulled right into Open Heart! The series is getting better and better! In Open Heart, we focus on Simmi. Her powers progressed immensely towards the end of Farsighted and seem to stutter to a halt in Open Heart. Simmi has felt what power feels like and it scares her enough to start slacking on her training and trying to turn it off. She is overwhelmed with juggling her intense dislike of her own "fluffy" body, her boyfriend who she knows she doesn't love romantically and the intriguing boy that only months before she thought was going to kill her-- why can't she stop being drawn to him? All of the characters progress in Open Heart and while Alex's overpowering jealousy and hatred of Dax is understandable, it leaves him again seeming a bit immature. Why can't he realize that his fake relationship with Sharpi was much more real than what he has with Simmi.. I want to shake the boy until he wakes up. I really enjoyed Open Heart and how it deals with real life teenage issues yet puts a twist that makes it enjoyable for all to read! It's always nice to learn a lesson while reading :) I'm anxiously waiting for Pitch (book 3) to come out so I can delve into Sharpi's life!