Deadly Kisses (Book One of the Deadly Darkness Trilogy) - Kerri Cuevas Deadly Kisses was a refreshingly good YA book. I was drawn in from the beginning to Aiden (or Ad as he goes by in the 'afterlife') and his character. Here is a boy who held onto his guilt and regret of the way he & his friend died which leads him to deny himself Heaven and instead become a grim reaper. The good news is that he's kick @ss at it - a killer kiss and the fulfillment of safeguarding souls to their final destination is reward enough. The bad news is that his final test is to reap the soul of the one girl he has been in love with forever.

I absolutely loved how realistic Aiden was as a character. He has insecurities, guilt, and regret. Bee, who has lived her life with the ability to see reapers, is one tough cookie! She is just what Aiden needs to bring him out of his self sentenced seclusion. Can a love between the living and the dead survive?

Deadly Kisses was the perfect combination of romance, action and just enough suspense to keep you wondering what will happen. Will he reap the only girl he's ever loved or can he find a way around it?

A well written YA story by an amazing author, I can't wait for book 2 to come out !!

*I was given an ARC for my honest review, it in no way influenced my thoughts & opinions*