I'll Follow the Moon - Stephanie Lisa Tara, Lee Edward Födi I'll Follow the Moon is a whismical tale of a baby turtles journey from egg to reuniting with his mother. With it's lyrical verse, it was fun to read and makes a great bedtime story. It's soothing and the tale lulls you into a peaceful relaxed state.
A baby turtle breaks free from his shell and begins his journey to find his mama " I'm coming, Mama, I'll see you soon . I know just how... I'll follow the moon. My kids loved knowing this verse was coming over and over again and would chime in with me when the time came. Naturally everyone's favorite part was the last page when baby turtle finds his Mama "I'm here, Mama-- here with you. I knew I'd find you, Moon did too.

The illustrations and story were both wonderful! I highly recommend this one to add to your collection :)