Snowy White World to Save - Stephanie Lisa Tara,  Alex Walton Snowy White World to Save is a great opportunity to begin some wonderful talks with your children about global warming and conserving energy. I am always on my kids to: turn off the lights, don't leave the water running, if you aren't watching tv- you don't need it for background noise!! yet it goes in one ear and out the other. Stephanie Lisa Tara gives us the opportunity to use animals (all kids love them, right?) and help put things into perspective for them.

We begin the story with a Mama bear and her cubs as they leave the den and search for food. My 7yr old was a little upset about the bears eating a seal but the story and pictures weren't graphic and he quickly understood that it's normal in nature. As global warming begins, we see the bears traveling farther and farther from their home trying to find food to eat. Although everyone loves a happily ever after, the story with our bear family looking out over the melting ice and asks " oh, what can be done?" It sparked great questions from my children and they loved reading the ideas of ways they can help conserve energy themselves. They have even asked to take our copy to school and have it read to their classes so they can share how we need to work on conserving energy to help save the bears home.