Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2) - Rebecca Ethington First let's start with the fact that this is Book 2 of the Imdalind series. Quite honestly, I think if you came in on this book, there is enough background that you would understand everything going on and not feel lost. Yet you also don't feel overwhelmed with repeating information. It's a good balance.

With that said...

Ilyan... I am oh so in love with Ilyan right now. Oh so in love. Jos spends the first half of the book dealing with the loss of Ryland. I admit she is a bit pathetic at times but what girl in love isn't? Plus the fact that she's literally dying for a while there, it's a lot to put a girl thru. Ilyan is always there, helping her, training her to use her magic, protecting her always.

Over and over Jocyln is shown a pattern of Ilyan being there for her to help and support her but it's not until she sees a vision from the past that she truly understands what it means for him to be her protector.

I went thru so many emotions reading this book. From heartbreak and despair, to laughter, back to tears again. I loved the interactions between Jos and Ilyan and my heart broke over the torturous interactions between Jos and Ryland & Cain.

There's so much to love and so many bad guys to hate. A few typos but a well written and nicely flowing book. My only complaint is that it ended too soon. I need book 3 so I can see how everything turns out. I hate being left on the edge of happiness not knowing if it will be happily ever after or destruction of my dreams..

Go ahead and pick up the series! I think you'll enjoy it :)