The Morning Star - Tania Penn The Morning start is about Dawn, daughter of Lucifer (fallen angel, devil, collector of evil souls building an army to take over Heaven) and Michaela (Archangel who has been trapped for centuries by Lucifer because of his "love" for her). Dawn has been trying for years to figure out how to free her mother but has to have her father's permission to even get to where she's held captive. Added to that she has her succubus step-mom Lilth and half-sister Venus to keep her on her toes. Until the day she meets Gabriel and everything changes. Falling in love, she will discover a secret about him as well as about herself.

I enjoyed the plot line and the flow of words. Tania certainly has a gift for keeping things moving yet still describing in such detail that you can truly imagine the places she describes. I absolutely loved Dawn's family . Despite the fact that 3/4 of them are evil, it felt like a true blended family - the dynamics were all there and perfect! The Morning Star was a well written novel that leaves you wanting more at the end. I finished it in less than a day! :) I honestly turned the page (okay, clicked the button but you get the point) and kept trying until I had to face the fact that it was over and now I anxiously await the sequel.. sigh.

4 stars - loved it !