Not Quite Mine (Not Quite, #2) - Catherine Bybee Oh, where do I start? While I loved Jack & Jessie in book 1, Dean (oh Dean.. yum) and Katie really touched my hearts in book 2. It could have been the construction site scenes with Katie running around in high heels and stealing Dean's hard hat ( I don't know about you but when I'm picturing construction scenes- the guys are all super buff and most likely shirtless.. lol) or maybe the baby dropped on Katie's doorstep. As an adoptive mom, I remember those fears and worries that Katie had as she struggled with not falling in love immediately with this precious newborn that she wasn't sure she could keep. Oh the emotions.

Not Quite Mine flows so smoothly that it doesn't feel like a sequel. So many times after reading a good book, you wonder if the next one will be just as good. No, it's even better! We still get the needed sampling of Jack & Jessie -which I love seeing bits of their happily ever after! Second chance love between Dean & Katie, throwing a baby into the mix and Katie's sudden turn into 'adulthood' is a combination you just can't miss. I could go on and on about all that I loved in this book but instead I'm just going to tell you to go buy it! Now! Quick! Get them both and get caught up so you'll be ready when Not Quite Enough comes out in October!!