Super Dark  (Super Dark, #1) - Tanith Morse *Spoiler Alert*

I gave fair warning, now I'm just going to tell it like it is. I felt that Super Dark was well written, plenty of mystery and intrigue. Childhood best friends Sam & Elliot were kidnapped one Halloween evening by two scary creatures. When Elliot promises to do anything if they let Sam go, she is released while he is taken and never heard from again. Sam has quite a bit of guilt dealing with not only losing her best friend but feeling responsible for his kidnapping. She moves around a lot and struggles with depression and being a loner. She doesn't like the attention everyone gives when they figure out who she is and want to question her about the kidnapping.

Finally she meets Becky & Fraiser who become her best friends. Friends who know her secret but respect that she can't talk about it and treat her like a normal person. Enter- Lee. While, to me, it was completely obvious that Lee was really Elliot in disguise, it was still interesting waiting to see why he hid his identity and how Sam would react when she finally figured it out. So many other twists and turns and we haven't even gotten to the paranormal stuff yet! I will warn you that Super Dark ends with a cliff-hanger, so be prepared to want to buy the next in the series immediately!

Overall- Super Dark was a well written engrossing story. Once you start it, you'll want to keep reading thru every twist and turn to find out what will happen next!

I received a copy of this book for my honest review.