Moonlit - Jadie Jones Something you might not know about me is my love for horses. I grew up with horses and until about 6years ago, always had them in my life in some form or another. My parents still have horses. So I completely understand the connection between horse and rider. A fantasy book that involves horses is always going to be a plus in my book ! I felt the author's real-life knowledge of horses and riding really lent to the story and made everything seem more real to me. You can somehow tell the difference between someone writing about what they have only read themselves and someone who truly understands.

Okay with that out of the way- no the book is not all about horses! lol! I just felt that connection and had to go with it :) Tanzy has had a rough life. Her mother is an alcoholic, her father died 3 years prior to the beginning of this story. She has dropped out of school to deal with everything- taking care of her mother, working on the horse farm that was her father's. When she sees the creepy creatures that caused her father's death, she has her own accident and near-death experience. She wakes up to discover that she's not quite as normal as she once was. Between unbelievable healing and seeing things that shouldn't be there, Tanzy continues to learn more about herself and tries to discover who she really is. Add in Lucas who is in love with her and she is completely drawn to him, as well as Vanessa - rich young wife to the brain surgeon who saved her. She has more new people in her quick changing life and always a bit unsure of what to make of things.

While trying desperately not to give any real spoilers- I will end saying that the book ends with a cliffhanger, and leaves you wishing you had the next in the series already in hand. I give it 5 stars! Check it out !