Indigo Incite (Indigo Trilogy, #1) - Jacinda Buchmann It took me a chapter or two to get into Indigo Incite.. After a few pages, I was getting a little leary of the thought of reading an entire book that I wasn't "into". I worried needlessly. After a chapter or so, I was pulled right into the story and really enjoyed it!

One of the things I loved about this book was that it is this fantasy novel about Indigo Children with extra powers, yet it's set in our modern present day world. They are hiding in plain sight! I love books that are made so realistic that you sit and begin to wonder if it's truth hidden in the form of a 'fantasy' novel. Jacinda did that for me. I felt she spent a lot of time researching and making the book as plausible as possible. A well flowing book with surprises, some romance and a group of strangers that come together to help each other! I ended the book, anxious for the next in the series!

My only negative that I had was the formatting/editing of the book. This could have been 100% my copy but it did distract from my reading the book and is the only reason I am giving it less than 5 stars. There were several places where spacing was left out, and others where there were spaces in the middle of words making me have to look twice to figure out the word. In addition, the chapters weren't separated in the normal manner- just a space and then a new chapter, not a new page. This made for hard transitioning especially when chapters switched between characters. Again, this may only have been with my review copy, I am not sure but thought I would mention it. If these errors were corrected I would bump my review up to 4.5! At this point, I'm giving it a solid 4 and anxiously await the next in the series.