The Golden Apple of Discord (The Discord Trilogy) - Lauren Hodge This was an interesting read. I was pulled into the story of Taralie and her sisters- witches who had their powers thrust upon them suddenly, after growing up unaware. Take a halfling witch, make her into a vampire and oh my the things that will happen! While on the run from the Milunfran (witch police?!), they find refuge with 3 hot vampire guys, because naturally vampire guys are pretty much always hot, aren't they? There's a bit of romance while the two groups team up to fight the vampire governments.. Witch turned vampire brings new levels to the sisters' powers and it's neat to watch them learn how to use them!

There is a lot going on, a lot of new characters thrown at you. I got a little confused with the names and felt that at times it was a bit much at once. I was left to wonder what happened to the Milunfran order that the sisters were running from because that part of the story just ceased to exist. Although there were a few proofreading errors, I felt it was a pretty good book and I look forward to reading the next in the series to see where it takes us!