Crushing - Elena Dillon Crushing was full of suspense, romance and teenage angst. I loved it!

Rory grew up in an overprotective household with not only great but overprotecting parents, but also older twin brothers who had their own ways of being overprotective. She has a nice life, complete with a best friend (Dominic) who everyone would love to see her end up with - including Dom. Until one day, her childhood crush moves back into town. Her perfect life is turned upside down when she realizes that Gage (childhood crush) makes her tummy do dances like never before.

To top off this excitement, a friend goes missing and in fear of a serial kidnapper from before being back, her parents put her on lockdown. We get snippets of the captive girl and are constantly questioning everyone we see, trying to figure out who the kidnapper is.

I read it on a Kindle -which if you know anything about me, I am a paperback person- all the way, and I just don't pay attention to details on the kindle like in a normal book. Yes, I know there's that little bar at the bottom that tells you how far along you are but I don't naturally look down. So many times I was so absorbed in the book that I would suddenly panic that it might end soon (see I need print so I can feel how much is left.. lol) and have to check at what % I was.. lol. Thankfully for me, it was a longer book which worked out perfectly! I felt that the author had plenty of time to work out the love triangle between Rory and Dom(current best friend)/Gage(old friend, moved away & now back) without feeling rushed.

In actuality, this could have been two completely separate books (YA- romance story & mystery/suspense) but they were meshed together so well that it made it a great book full of twists and turns. The author kept me guessing til the end on who the kidnapper was as well as who I really wanted Rory to end up with. I was so conflicted between Dominic and Gage, but I think it works out well in the end for everyone ! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will turn into a series because there are so many other relationships I want to explore.. Jackson & Veronica would be my chosen next :)

I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion.