Embracing the Wolf (Anna Avery, #2) - Stephanie   Nelson It's been a while since I've read Taming the Wolf so I went back to re-read it before tackling Embracing the Wolf. Werewolves are not my chosen paranormal creature if I'm going to pick, but I do love how Stephanie portrays them. I love how she talks about the pain and practice it takes to make the change into werewolf.. It makes it seem more believable to me.

Book 1 left off right when Anna and her Alpha Adam have finally overcome all the obstacles keeping them apart. They are a couple at last. Book 2 shows us that maybe it's not quite that easy... Anna is a 'made' wolf and in the eyes of the wolf world, "made" wolves are only good for mistress, never an Alpha. She will face prejudice from his family (werewolf royalty) and a bit of hero worship from other "made" wolves who see her going places they never imagined they could. With new visions that bring scary possibilities, Anna must figure out if the only way to save Adam is to leave her soul mate behind.

Again, Stephanie brings mystery (who is trying to kill Adam?), romance (Anna, Adam... wait, Anthony?) and more paranormal activity (vampires!! ooohh!). Naturally, we are left with a cliffhanger and will end up sitting here biting our nails until book 3 comes out so we can find out what happens between Adam & Anna.. :sigh: Good books always end too soon!

It was well written with no editing errors that I noticed. My only con would be the sex scenes. While they were well written, the use of "dick" had me skimming thru them. To me, dick is something we call someone when they're being a jerk- I don't prefer that term in an intimate scene.. Ha.. I could see it more if it were a YA book and a teenage boy is using the word but as adults, I just don't feel it.. That is just me and my own weird quirks :) Other than that they were great ! lol! And now you know something new about me.. HA!

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review *