Barbie Girl - Heidi Acosta I love Barbie. Might as well get that out of the way ahead of time. From her pink streaked hair, to her over the top personality. She puts herself out there not caring what anyone else thinks. Although she definitely has reasons behind the way she acts, it's refreshing to see her strong personality. Barbie Girl is not your typical teenage romance fluff. Acosta deals with some deeper subjects and really gives thought to Barbie's personality and reasons behind it. Barbie comes from a damaged and broken home. While she struggles to hold things together for her little autistic brother Everett, she hides her pain behind super short skirts, pink hair streaks & makeup. She is really a good girl hiding in a bad girl body & reputation. She's had to grow up fast due to her home life and couldn't care less what the teenagers at school think about her.

Dylan is a typical teenage boy. A bit immature (especially compared to Barbie) with lots of room for growth. If he would just get his head out of his daydreams of his "perfect girl" , he would realize that he's falling for Barbie despite his wishes.

While Barbie is always going to be my favorite character, Acosta also brings some great secondary characters in the form of Third (Dylan's best friend) and Roxie (goth girl who really likes pink and Taylor Swift). I love both of their relationships with Barbie - Third sees her for who she really is not the rumors circulating around her, and Roxie becomes her first real girlfriend.

The story is strong and deeper than I would have expected with a YA romance. Ending with a cliffhanger, I was dying to find out more in the next book.