A Destined Death - Lisa Rayns Oh.my.gosh. I am pretty sure I have just found a new favorite author! A Destined Death by Lisa Rayns is the best book I have read in a very long time! Draven and Elizabeth have been together and torn apart by death over and over again in past lives. I fell in love immediately with Draven with how he waits patiently each time for Elizabeth to grow up, always loving her and knowing they are soulmates. I bit my fingernails anxiously while Elizabeth rejected his word that she would die young and insisted on following her plans. I haven't fallen this deeply into a book in a long time! I'm still mourning the end... The author mentions at the end that this was written as a stand alone book but if enough ppl request it she will write more.. GO REQUEST it people!! I need more !! Seriously, I can't give this one enough stars.. Check it out!