The Light Tamer: The :Light Tamer Trilogy book 1 (Volume 1) - Devyn Dawson Devyn Dawson is a new author to me but I'm very glad that I gave her a chance. I love all sorts of books but have lately been especially drawn to YA books that my daughter and I can read together & talk about :)

In The Light Tamer, Jessie begins in a pretty bleak mood. From the abandonment by her father, the move to a new state sans friends & living with her grandma (excuse me, Ms. Gayle- she's too hip to be called grandma) life is looking pretty sucky. Thankfully grandma Ms. Gayle re-introduces her to Caleb, the pale sickly looking boy who saved her life as a child. Caleb has turned from prune to hunk since they last met and the sparks literally are flying. It is Caleb who tells Jessie about being a Light Tamer and what it entails. They begin researching more about Light Tamers and Amber is thrown into the story.. I love Amber- her sharp wit just endears her to my heart . What can I say? I love some sassy!

I felt the story moved along nicely and was a very quick read. While some background was glossed over a bit, I feel confident that we will learn more as the trilogy progresses. I especially loved the mythology that is thrown in! A new type of paranormal story w/ romance at the heart of it is always a winner in my book!