First Comes Marriage - Mary Balogh I enjoyed this one. It talked about overcoming the fear of being hurt in the past and being able to love again. Naturally it was set in England and while I don't recall seeing a date it was in the days of Dukes and Viscounts, of having one's first Season in London. It was refreshing and being me, I plowed right thru it! :) I'm only sad that when I looked up this author (a new one for me), my library has only books #1 (this one),#3 & 5 in this series but not #'s 2 or 4. :sigh: I so hate reading series out of order :(

When the Viscount of Lyngate arrives in the small village of Throckbridge everyone is left wondering why he is there. Little do they know but the Huxtable family (Margaret, Vanessa, Katherine & Stephen) is about to have their lives turned upside down when it's revealed that the youngest is now the new Earl of Merton. They are whisked away to begin Stephen's training in how to become a Lord of the realm and learn what is in store for them. Having been orphaned many years prior, the siblings have grown to rely on each other and themselves as they grew up and so naturally they face this new challenge together.

Viscount Lyngate ( Elliott Wallace) is in need of a wife but has given up on love. When it is suggested that it would be easiest to take one of the Huxtable girls as his wife, Vanessa jumps in to sacrifice herself in order to spare her older sister Margaret who already is in love with another. Little would either of them know that it would end in a love match.