Witch Way Bends - Olivia Hardin Witch Way Bends is a wonderfully written book! While it seems to be a paranormal thriller/mystery there is enjoy romance thrown in throughout the book that I'd definitely recommend it to my fellow romance readers. I actually read the book 3 times before sitting down to write this review because I loved it so much and that , my friends, is pure love. The book has wonderful flow, no stagnant parts that you want to skip thru (some of my favorite authors can go for 2 pages on the type of cushion on a chair- argh) and not moving so quickly that you get lost. The highs and lows are perfectly situated- I laughed, cried and even maybe "awww'd" aloud a time or two. It's hard to pick a favorite character because they were all so great. I do feel pulled to Langston and Roon though, perhaps it's a bit of the mystery they both represent that I want to know MORE!! Plus I know this is the first of 3 and am hoping that we'll learn more on all the supporting characters soon! What sealed it in my head as best book ever was my favorite quote from Devan's "imaginary friend" Roon ~ "Everything has a purpose. Pain, joy, hurt, death, life, magic- all of it fits. You are in this moment because you were meant to be." I believe that 100 percent.