Dark Corners - Liz Schulte I am more than a little bit in love with Liz Schulte right now. She write scary really well!

So, Ella moves to this little town with her husband. It's an old family house that her husband has inherited and has all these happy family memories in. Ella feels anything but welcome.. Alas, she does what many do- tries to make it work. I was impressed with how long she stuck it out because honestly, I'd have been the heck out of dodge.. Sorry hubby, we ain't staying here- this crap is CRAZY.

Alas, things get worse when Ella's husband is brutally murdered. She writes horror books for a living and is naturally the prime suspect in the small town's eyes. Ella, on the other hand, thinks the ghosts.. the house.. has killed her husband.

This is one of those books that you won't be able to put down because you just need to know who did it. Was it truly the house? Is there a murderer on the loose? Is Ella just crazy and did she really do it? I went back and forth repeatedly and while I correctly predicted some parts, I was wayyyy off on other aspects! If you need a good scary story, give Dark Corners a try!