Adela Arthur and the Creator's Clock - Judyann McCole If you read the author's bio, you'll see that she began this book when she was a senior in high school. Let me just say DAMN GIRL! I am beyond impressed to read the writing ability of someone so young.

Like some other fantasy greats (Harry Potter or the Iron Fey series), Adela Arthur & the Creator's Clock captures you from the beginning and pulls your right in. We begin in the human world with Adela & Hector, both just trying not to stick out so much and get thru high school. When a series of strange events occur, they both discover that they were born in Cielieu (the world behind the mirror). Making a series of brave steps, they find themselves in the midst of Cielieu amongst all the fairytale creatures - ogres, dragons, elves, mermaids... In fact, they are a different sort of human called a Volsin - who can use 100% of their brains, resulting in the ability to project lights that they can make into flying discs to ride (no more stairs!), lighting bolts, ropes, anything they can imagine.

They are both thrust into school (a hogwarts like castle, complete with 4 different groups) and again Adela is left feeling an outcast. From one of the strongest families, she knows nothing about casting her light or any of the history that others have grown up with. She quickly makes friends, even the untouchable Jeremy (a Red Diamond who rarely speaks to anyone). I admit when they first traveled together, I wondered if Adela & Hector were going to become closer, but the minute Jeremy was introduced my attention went to him. I feel a love triangle coming!

The book was fast paced and enjoyable. There isn't a lot of romance at this point, which honestly didn't bother me a bit. ME, a self proclaimed romance addict! There was so much going on, so much to learn about , mysteries to unravel and just a hint of romance that left me on the edge, waiting for the next book in the series!

I'm giving it a solid 5 stars.