True Love's First Kiss (Queen of the Realm of Faerie Books 1-3) - Heidi Garrett True Love's First Kiss is a combination of Books 1-3 in the Queen of The Realm of Fairies books. Rather than trying to break it down into each book, I'm going to give my review on the whole of the three books as if it were one. Reading it like this, it really felt like one big story. I am fairly sure if I had read each book separately, I would have been peeved when one ended and I had to wait for the next one to be released! Oh the joys of coming into an already formed series!

I had a hard time getting into the beginning. It wasn't until Chapter three that I was hooked and ready for some serious reading time! I haven't been able to pinpoint what took so long to get me into it, but believe me when I say that it is worth it in the end.

We follow Melia (a half-faerie living in the Enchanted World) who has had a pretty rough life so far. When her mortal father broke his troth (a vow he made upon wedding her mother) Melia , her sisters & her mother return to the Enchanted World leaving behind the Mortal World and her father. In the Enchanted World, everyone knows secrets but no one will tell them. Melia and her family are shunned. Melia is made fun of and would be completely miserable if not for her friend Tatou (a pixie).

Due to some unfortunate turn of events, Melia's mother curses all three of her daughters and the only cure will be True Love's First Kiss. Determined to save her younger sister (who in my opinion is a spoiled brat), who's curse is to fade away into nothing- Melia sets out on a journey that becomes one of self-discovery. She learns more and more about herself and with the help of some unlikely allies, she manages to let go of some of her guilt and find inner peace with things she has struggled with for years. Her own 'curse' is to become a bird at every sundown. She has always longed to fly- being a half- faerie, she had no wings. She will struggle with the freedom that her curse gives her and the pull of true love. Over and over, you want to point her along the way but are always reminded that this choice is one she must make on her own, in her own time. I enjoyed the friends made along the way, especially the most unlikely ones!

Struggling with evil that wants to overtake her and discovering the power she holds within, we sit and wonder how this series will end....

I am looking forward to continuing this series when the next book comes out. If you enjoy epic fantasy books with lots of action , some romance and tons of fantasy creatures I think you'll like this one!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. *