Thursday Nights - Lisa N. Paul Lisa has managed to do what I love in Erotic romance. Thursday Nights is not just another 'smut' book. In fact, the story in itself is such a good one that if you wiped all the steamy sex scenes out- it would still be a great book! I think in an erotic romance, that says enough right there.

We come into this book with Janie & Lylia's Thursday night tradition of going to Danny's on Main where they drink and make guys nervous. From boob grabbing to very vocal discussions of sex, all the guys are in various stages of embarrassment & arousal. Not only has the bar become a tradition of fun for the girls, they have also found a family within. One night, Janie & Max take it to the next step which is perfect and horrible all in one. I loved so much the family that they have built. Everyone has their own secrets and problems yet they accept one another for who they are and love each other no matter what.

While this book focuses mainly on Janie & Max, we are also introduced to many other characters and are given small windows into their lives that make you yearning for the next in the series so you can find out more. I, personally, am waiting for Lylia & Gage's story.. This is a top-notch beginning to a series! I think you'll love it, whether you are an erotic fan or just a romance fan! Give it a chance! :)