Fiance by Friday - Catherine Bybee ooh la la. I fell in love with Catherine Bybee and her "Not Quite" series. When I was asked to review Fiance by Friday, I naturally agreed even though at the time I had not read the first two in the Weekday Bride series. Knowing my love for Catherine was deep and true, I did something I rarely do anymore. I went to Amazon and purchased Wife by Wednesday & Married by Monday in paperback so I could read them all in order. This is what a great author is. Buying two books in paperback immediately, without question, knowing you'll love them! And love them I did (reviews coming whenever I have a moment to get them up..). Now I am stuck in a viscous cycle of waiting for the next book to come out- but hey at least there are two series that I"m addicted to now!

I fell a little in love with Gwen in the first book. Naive little rich girl who lived a sheltered life and has a great English accent. What more can you ask for? Pair her up with a hardened former Marine who has enough experience and baggage for the both of them and they make the perfect team. In each book, Gwen has slowly grown a little more confident and I loved watching her finally step up to take what she's been drooling after. Just the romance of Gwen & Neil getting together would have been enough, but Catherine likes to outdo each book she writes and so we also get a stalker/murderer who will leave you guessing until the end to figure out who's really behind it all. With appearances from the rest of the crew, I loved getting updates on each previous couple and a preview of the couple to come (hint: Single by Saturday is Karen's story!).

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. *