imperfect - Tina Chan Imperfect takes us into a utopian society where children are planned and perfected down to their eye & hair color. No more diseases. Advanced academics. Perfection has been met. Yet still, there are Accidents. The unplanned children that happen naturally. These babies are whisked away by the government shortly after birth. No one seems to know where they are taken or what is done with them, but it's accepted. Kristi is one of the few Accidents that was adopted and has survived into adulthood.. In a world with droid pets vs real ones , for pete sake's, Kristi definitely doesn't fit in.

I absolutely loved the thought process that this book takes you on. Initially, Perfects sound... well perfect, right? No more diseases ! Yay! And then you realize that the Perfects are constantly upgrading. Who exactly decides what "Perfect" is? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that.. We are taken on a journey with Kristi and several others who join her. The realization that there are more "Naturals" like Kristi sends them on a voyage to figure out what has happened to all of the Accidents that are taken at birth? Who should they trust?

I really enjoyed the characters as we learned more and more background into them. I felt the book was well written with only a few editing errors. Imperfect is an evenly paced story with no drag to it! My only disappointment was upon realizing that I now have to wait for the next in this new series to find out what happens next!

4 Stars !

**Note- I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review *