A Bride by Moonlight - Liz Carlyle This was a good book. I'll give it 3.75 stars. Let's start with the drawback-- For me, I had a hard time getting into it. The beginning is fraught with what I felt was background information. While you need it for the book, I wanted to jump into more of the time where the main characters are alone away from London and beginning their masquerade as an engaged couple. It took me until chapter 3 to get to the "I don't want to put it down" point. Once I got there I was hooked! There are some well written 'steamy' scenes which always adds to a good romance book :) The intrigues among Royden Napier's long lost family is quite entertaining. Until the very last minute, I was still going back and forth between two characters trying to figure out 'who did it'! I love that in a book!! A Bride By Moonlight was wonderfully written. If only I could have fell in love immediately rather than 3 chapters in, it would have gotten a higher score for me. It's one of those that I loved when I was done but I'm not sure that I'll reread due to the slow start. However, I'm fairly sure that's just me and I was expecting a different beginning! lol :) Give it a try yourself, you won't be sorry !